Our Story

Teach Pips began in April 2020, and we have loved developing the programme ever since. Whether it’s been preparing lessons or creating new learning opportunities, we’ve been driven by the knowledge that Teach Pips has the potential to support thousands of children, parents and schools. Our combined teaching experience of 35 years across public, private and international schools has allowed us to create an outstanding learning resource.

Teach Pips was founded to make learning as simple as possible. We recognise the challenges faced when supporting children’s learning. With this knowledge in mind, we have created a bespoke program to help adults guide children’s learning.

Mark and James
Co-founders of Teach Pips

What is Teach Pips?

Teach Pips is different.

Using our carefully planned lessons, all adults can teach children. This shared learning experience helps children make outstanding progress and develops a positive learning routine. Our Learning Zone contains thousands of lessons allowing you to teach reading, writing, spelling, history, geography, religion and test preparation.

Our simple, step-by-step lessons provide you with terminology, questions and activities to promote purposeful and enjoyable learning. A child’s progress is tracked through the site and assessed using end of lesson quizzes.

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'Learning Made Simple'


- Home educating parents use Teach Pips to ensure their child is learning a wide range of skills.

- Parents use Teach Pips to support their children’s school learning at home.

- Schools use Teach Pips as a support programme. 

- Tutors use Teach Pips to deliver outstanding lessons.

You will need a device, paper and a pen.

1. Find a quiet place to learn with your child and allow for 15-20 minutes learning time together.

2. Make sure it is a suitable time for learning and your child is ready to learn.

3. Choose your lesson from the learning zone and start your learning journey.

4. Once the lesson loads, read the yellow boxes to your child.

5. Complete the activities together and take the quiz at any time!

6. If you would like your child to work longer on their own, choose an independent activity or download the worksheet.

View this 1 minute video to see the lessons in action: 


Any adult can teach their child using Teach Pips. Teach Pips encourages adults and children to learn together.

In the Learning Zone, children will learn writing and grammar, reading skills, spelling, topic, and exam preparation. Our reading and writing lessons are a carefully planned sequence of lessons which will develop core skills and help them become confident readers and writers. Our topic lessons can be approached in any order and come with a variety of activities to keep children engaged.

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Clicking on 'my profile' and 'manage learners' allows you check the progress of your learners and print off their progress. You can also change avatars and year groups for your learners here.

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Learning Made Simple

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